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What our patients say ...

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Patient "A" writes:

"Thank you for the good service, honesty, and professionalism. I will recommend you to my friends.



Patient "B" writes:

"We truly appreciate the excellent care you provide to our patients.

Thank you,


"Shirley Wohlfarth" writes:

"I have neglected letting you know how much I appreciated your help when my daughter Becky Steinhoff was in bad trouble with her foot lesion. You kindly gave me some good advice! You said if it were my daughter I would get her in the wound clinc. I didn't know what to do and you helped me! I shall never foget your kidness. Becky's foot is healed and she has been released from the wound clinic. Thank you so much! Happiness and health in the new year!


Shirly Wohlfarth"

"Robbie Rothchild" writes:

"Dr. Berger, thank you so much for my Happy Feet! You may want the other ladies to sahre this. My toes have a coat of new skin on them first, then painted & polished. The longest this has lasted on my toes has been 28 days.

Thanks you,

Robbie Rothchild"